About AquaServ Pool Service

AquaServ Pool Services has served customers in Pinellas County for the past 5 years! We’re here to Make Pools Great Again!

AquaServ’s Pool Service Technicians are reliable and honest. They are trained to take a long-term approach to servicing and maintaining your pool by regularly checking up to six different pool chemistries weekly and up to ten per month using highly accurate digital meters (most other companies check only free chlorine and pH using a small color-change test kit), and by regularly inspecting equipment for signs of stress or reduced efficiency.

An improperly balanced pool will require more frequent and costly maintenance, have a reduced life span, and can become unhealthy to swim in.


AquaServ’s unique service standards were developed to help drastically reduce downtime and avoid replacing pool equipment prematurely due to improper pool maintenance. However, in the event of equipment failure, AquaServ’s Technicians and preferred partners will ensure rapid response and expert mechanical services to reduce downtime. We ALWAYS use quality parts and the work is ALWAYS guaranteed.

Feel free to contact us with questions. AquaServ strives to provide the best customer service possible and take pride in guaranteeing our work on every job. We always answer our phones or return calls promptly (usually within a couple of hours).

AquaServ Pools Service
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